Do I need a permit for my project?
Permits are required for structural, electrical and plumbing renovations and most replacements as well. By having a permit for your job, your municipality or county ensures your project is safe and up to code. Remember not getting a permit now may cost you much more when you go to sell, do your next home renovation project or even worse, home fire or structure failure!

Building & Development Permit Application

Can I get an estimate over the phone?

We’d love to! However, in order to give you an accurate and detailed estimate, we need to view the renovation space. Each project is completely different from the next. We also believe it’s important for you to meet with us ‘face to face’ and ensure your family feels comfortable with CCR Designs.

Do we need plans for our project?

Yes, and depending on the depth of your project you may need plans from an architect or engineer. We work with several professionals in these fields who are experienced and trustworthy. We will work with you and these experts to ensure that your project not only looks the way you envisioned, but also meets current codes and structurally sound. Proper design and planning helps to eliminate confusion for all involved in the renovation project.

Is CCR Designs covered with insurance?
Absolutely, we have insurance coverage! And we are happy to provide the number required for your records. In fact, if you are looking at any other competitive quotes, this is a critical question that you should be asking.

It’s important for you to contact your insurance company and inform them of the work you are doing on your home as they may request you take out additional coverage.

Do you provide a contract?
Yes we do! Our sales manager will present you with a written estimate after the initial consultation. Once the estimate is approved and all changes are made we will provide you with a detailed contract outlining the full scope of work. We believe it’s important to be transparent and detailed with everything we do.
What if I want to change things along the way?

We are more than happy to make alterations to your project along the way. We will create a change order form and outline all the details. The cost for the change is then presented, signed off on and paid for, and the project moves along as planned. We do however encourage you to take the time to go through your project design so you can avoid any unnecessary changes and costs to your project.

Is CCR Designs in Good Standing with WCB?

Yes. We will provide a current clearance letter from Workers’ Compensation Board upon the signing of your contract. This indicates that our company has workers’ compensation coverage, has met all payroll reporting requirements, and has paid all WCB premiums to date.

Will my home be a mess?

Although we have a clean as you go mindset and do our best to keep our work areas as tidy as possible, there will be a certain amount of dust and debri generated by the work which may find its way to other areas of the house. It is our desire for you to be able to start using your space as quickly as possible and go back to regular living. We have a cleaning crew that comes in at the end of each project who leave your new space fresh, clean and dust free. It’s all a part of CCR Designs commitment to you!

Should I move out during my renovation?

This depends on the scope of the project and how long the project will run. We try not to disrupt your daily schedule and our team will help you to decide whats best for your family. If you have at least one working bathroom and a kitchen/food preparation area, then you should be able to remain in your home while work carries on.

What can cause project delays?

Project delays can be caused by various situations. Weather conditions, material delays, design selection limbo or the discovery of hazardous materials like asbestos, which we have experience in removing safely, can all delay a project. Any additions to the project that require the original contract to change, may also affect the time frame of a project. We will do our best to keep things on course and keep you in the loop!

How soon can I start my project?

Once the contract is signed and the deposit is collected, we will begin work on the design portion of your project. We provide a start date on a Tuesday and it is generally 3 weeks after the contract has been signed. For projects that require architects, engineers and permits this timeline will be longer.

Do you have employees or sub trades working for your company?

Both. Our employees are a group of highly qualified contractors. You will know them by the shirts they are wearing! We also have Sub-Trades that are specialized in certain aspects of construction such as plumbers and electricians. We have partnered with these tradesmen to work with us on a regular basis. Our project managers co-ordinate our crew and trades to complete specific aspects of your project as necessary.

It’s normal to have a million questions before building a home. Count on us when it comes to the answers!
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